Know What Does Clean Beauty Actually Mean – To Purchase the Right Product

In the last few years, the demand for vegan cosmetics has increased immensely. Though vegan doesn’t mean they are 100% natural, they are made from animal origin materials. They include lanolin, elastin, honey, collagen, beeswax, and more.

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History of vegan

The term vegan was originated in 1944. Only a few companies produced vegan makeup before the early 1980s. Even these days, you will find many makeup products that contain animal ingredients and rely upon animal testing. Luckily, many cosmetic companies started taking vegan cosmetics seriously in 2010.

From reducing pores to hydrating the skin, beauty products will do a lot. So, people often expect these products should contain clean ingredients, which are harmless to the skin health. These days, many people are concerned about the ingredients in the beauty products, and they are not aware of what exactly the labels say, like non-organic, organic, vegan, and more.

As green cleaning becomes prevalent, it’s essential to choose the right product depending on your needs and preferences.

List of ingredients you have to look in cosmetic products

Cosmetic industry is self-regulated because there is not any organization that confirms the clean beauty claims of a brand. So, a brand can label its products as clean. The only way to save your skin from unreliable products is by looking at the label carefully. The following are some ingredients that you need to check out before purchasing any beauty product:


It is an endocrine disruptor similar to the estrogen hormone present in the body, which is associated with thyroid problems, puberty, and cancer. Most beauty products contain some quantity of parabens, but frequent use may cause harm in the long run.


It is one of the common ingredients used in powder beauty products such as eyeshadow, bronzer, and blush. However, unpurified talc may contaminate carcinogens (asbestos). It’s hard to know the purity of talc and few brands replace it with silica, mica, and cornstarch.

Mineral oil

Mineral oil is a petroleum-based by-product, which is present in all cosmetics such as Aquaphor and Vaseline. Mineral oil can clog pores, but it carries impurities like carcinogenic (formaldehyde).


Fragrance refers to various natural or synthetic chemicals, a few of the more harmful compared to others. Some fragrances may cause irritations and allergies. Most brands will not disclose the fragrances in their formulation.

In addition to the above, check other ingredients like phthalates, formaldehyde, triclosan, and others before purchasing a beauty product.

Terms associated to clean beauty claims

Cosmetic companies often use various clean beauty descriptors to market their beauty products. These terms may give an impression that they are clean and safe compared to others, but it’s not true. While many brands provide clean beauty products, it’s ideal to check the decipher fact and label.


Organic certified cosmetic products contain a seal and they are 95% organic. This certification is expensive, so few brands will list some organic ingredients, even without a seal.


It is indicated with the symbol of a leaping bunny, which means the product is not tested over animals. It doesn’t mean the product is vegan.


Similar to food, vegan cosmetic products will not have animal-based ingredients. It doesn’t mean the product is clean; still, it may contain ingredients that won’t meet the criteria of clean.


It is an unregulated word. All-natural means the product should have only plant-based ingredients or extract from the earth, but brands will include just 1 or 2 natural ingredients. Few plant materials may also cause allergies, so natural doesn’t mean they are safer.

Where can you buy vegan cosmetic products?

By purchasing beauty products, you can save time and money. In most stores, vegan beauty products may not exist or are of poor quality. You may walk out of the store without purchasing anything. While online stores offer a wide selection of products, you can look at the labels of those products and order the ones you need.

Choose a reputed store that offers reliable vegan cosmetic products and order them today to improve the glow of your skin.