Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe With New Styles of Septum Jewelry

The holiday season is to shine with the new shopping list, whether it’s clothes, home decor, gifts, or shiny pieces of body jewelry. If you have already selected your winter wardrobe, you can intensify your holiday look with new unique jewelry pieces or you can use body jewelry to give a gift to a loved one who is a fashion accessory enthusiast.

There are so many metals, accents, designs, and styles to choose from when it comes to choosing the right piece of body jewelry. There are many classic designs and inspired ones as well.

You can get an amazing variety of septum piercing jewelry from the Body Pierce Jewelry website who delivers these shiny pieces worldwide to their customers. Their creative designs of septum rings are available at affordable price and come with a warranty period of 90 days. Apart from the basic silver or gold ring, you can also shop for septum rings in unique styles with added gemstones or other designer accents.

Types of septum jewelry

You can stick with the classic. Nothing can go wrong with this style. Although the classic septum rings are much understated, they are very versatile and can suit any outfit that you decide to wear on festive days.

Apart from the classic hoop rings, there are many alterations to the design that you can choose from to up-level your style this festive season:

  1. Colorful accents and gemstones:
  • Use opals to add a swirly rainbow tone to your basic sterling silver hoops.
  • You can choose a V-shaped opal studded ring for a bold look or a solid round opal ball for giving your septum ring a more subtle feel.
  • Apart from opal, you can also use amethysts, emerald, ruby, or semiprecious gemstones that are more affordable.
  1. Diamond hoops:
  • The shiny diamond stones can add to the beauty of a magical snowy winter day.
  • You can also gift diamond-studded septum jewelry to the one you love as diamonds are used to express love for centuries.
  • Diamonds add class to your edgy look and can even be used for regular wear.
  1. Spiritual or astrologically inspired jewelry:
  • Spiritual is the new fashion trend and body jewelry has adapted to this trend very boldly.
  • You can use astrologically inspired gemstones like blue topaz to bring an additional dose of luck to the yin yang symbol for balancing.
  • A diamond cross or an ohm stud is very trendy that you can showcase in the holiday season.
  1. Pearl jewelry:
  • Pearls are classic, but when combined with a black dress, it makes for a sexy and edgy combination.
  • The winter hues in the dresses combine well with the milky white tones of a single pearl embedded in the septum hoop ring.
  1. Edgy designs or gemstones:
  • You can go a step further and add a black or peacock pearl to the hoop to create a style statement.
  • Spiders and snakes are some designs that make the body jewelry more unique when combined with a more edgy style.

You can also get customized septum jewelry to create a unique design for yourself to flaunt when you meet friends and relatives on the Thanksgiving dinner or New Year’s Eve this season.