The Complete Guide to Smoke Quartz Buying

As a jewelry stone, smokey quartz is becoming more popular. Smoky quartz can be crafted into beautiful pieces that are just as striking as a brown diamond. However, it is not as expensive. It can be used to make any kind of jewelry and is durable.

What is Smokey Quartz?

Smoky quartz refers to the brown-colored variety of macrocrystalline Quartz. It is very common and can be found in many locations all over the globe. It is part of the same mineral family that amethyst, rose quartz, and all other famous gemstones used for jewelry.

Smoky Quartz Color

Rarely are brown-colored gemstones found in the gemstone industry. This is what makes smoky-quilt so unique.

The color range of Smokey Quartz is from pale brown to black. A beautiful, medium-toned, vivid brown color is the best. This gemstone’s color is obtained by prolonged exposure to natural radiation over a long time.

Smoky Quartz Clarity

The transparency of smoke quartz can be almost opaque or transparent. It has a vitreous, glassy luster. It is nearly always clear of visible inclusions and almost always eyes clean.

Smoky Quartz Cut

Because of its transparent nature, smoky-colored quartz sparkles beautifully when faceted. Transparent smoky is often cut into popular gemstone shapes like Asscher, pear, rose-cut, and oval.

Translucent types look stunning when cut en Cabochon. This brings out their glossy, silky luster. You can also carve smoke quartz into different shapes and figurines.

Smoky Quartz vs. Smoky Topaz

Smoky Topaz is a type of gemstone that you may find on the market. This is not a genuine gemstone. It is simply rebranded as smoky. Topaz is more valuable than quartz and therefore is valued higher than quartz. The name “smoky” topaz instantly elevates its value.

Synthetic, Treated, and Imitation Smoky quartz

To intensify the color of smokey quartz, gamma radiation is used. Most smoky quartz available on the market today is of natural color.

Because smoky-colored quartz is not commercially available, it is difficult to find them in the market.

Smoky Quartz in Jewelry

Many consumers are now looking for new and unique gemstones due to the popularity of colored gemstones. The beauty of Smokey Quartz Jewelry makes it a popular choice for costume jewelry. It’s also used as craft jewelry, often in its rough or cut form.

Smoky quartz is a strong gemstone with excellent toughness and low cleavage.  It can be used to make bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings. You can also wear it in rings. However, it is more susceptible to being scratched or damaged in this form.

Smoky Quartz Care and Cleaning

Use mild soap and warm water to clean smoky-quartz jewelry. You can use either a soft cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners because they can damage smoky Quartz.

To keep your smoky jewelry safe, you should not engage in any vigorous activities such as gardening, swimming, or playing sports. Keep smoky jewelry out of reach of detergents and chemicals.

According to some sources, smoke quartz is sensitive to sunlight and can lose its color over time. To preserve the color and beauty of smoky quartz jewelry, keep it out of direct sunlight.

Smoky Quartz Meaning

Smoky quartz is believed to be a powerful stone that provides a grounding effect and balance. It can be used to heal and restore and it is great for reducing stress, anxiety, and other emotional distress. It creates a calm, peaceful atmosphere that makes it easier for people to forget about past bad experiences.