5 hacks from Starbucks: A cheat sheet for starting your coffee business

Starbucks coffee makes an annual revenue of about $23 billion from coffee sales alone. This shows that they make around $60 million every day. This just goes to show that the coffee industry is a serious business and has a serious potential for expansion. The global coffee market is worth about $102 billion. This is a huge market that anyone can tap into and start making some money. However, before your franchise becomes the next Starbucks, you will need to develop a blueprint first by following these five simple hacks from the Starbucks franchise.

1). Know your coffee beans

A lot of roasters who are just starting in the coffee game, begin their product offerings by conjuring coffee blends that come with an exciting and original taste. Whereas creativity and passion are the prime movers of a new business, your coffee selling dreams will suffer if you fail to learn about and know your product.

Coffee beans are shipped from certain parts of the world. They are grouped based on their different varieties and origins. Based in part, on their parent plants, coffees have various profiles and tastes. Coffee has various varieties. Each variety comes with a unique flavour profile based on specific mutations that have happened during its growth period.

Essential factors like altitude, weather and the processing method all play a part in the flavour of the coffee. Another significant factor is the bean’s weight; a lighter bean will have a different reaction to heat compared to a denser bean. Due to the transformation of the technology used in the coffee industry, it is good to invest in suitable coffee equipment like the Breeze valley coffee roasters/ This will help new and emerging businesses maintain the consistency of their offerings. Developed and advanced roasters like the Breeze valley coffee roasters usually log in temperature curves, measure moisture losses, and analyze the colour of the roast.

2). Understand the different coffee roasters in the market

There are various sizes and brands of coffee roasters in the market. According to Starbucks, it is usually such a challenge for new coffee businesses to choose the right one to start. However, it has been proven that roasters like the Breeze valley coffee roasters are friendly to beginners on a commercial scale. They have a strategic balance of budget to fit in with the supply and demand of your coffee products. Breeze valley coffee roasters come in various sizes and budgets that will suit any new coffee business.

3). Promote your brand

When thinking about your coffee business, you may want to look beyond the skills of roastmasters and baristas. You need an effective Starbucks-like business strategy to get your coffee brand in front of your potential customers. You will need to develop a water-tight marketing campaign to get your brand name out there. Whereas Starbucks as a brand grew organically, the age of technology means that new brands can “buy” their way into global recognition if they know how to spend the right marketing dollars. You may want to quickly establish your customer base. You will also need to research your competitors, to see what they are up to. You will then create rich blends of coffee to attract customers. As soon as you have a loyal customer base, try blending your offerings to suit their business. Your brand strategies only get to improve with favourable products and unique service. You will also need to consider promoting your brand digitally through social media and widely utilizing various online advertising channels.

It is a good tactic to start a public coffee roastery facility around your coffee outlet. The outlet will serve as a place for instant coffee sales as new customers become loyal buyers, while you keep on luring them in with your exciting aromas.

4). Teaching your customers the Starbucks way

With killer coffee blends and a growing list of customers, Starbucks has managed to keep their loyal customers over the years. You can grow your business if you offer your customers the chance to know how their favourite blends are produced.

You can offer free coffee-making classes at various local coffee shops. You could share free literature (colour-branded brochures) and coffee samples about your coffee business. Most coffee businesses that are hard-working and generous get rewarded with a continuous loyal customer base.

5). Solicit funds to  expand your coffee business

You can wait for your business to grow organically or you could just throw some money at it to make it expand. Soliciting funds for expansion is a good plan for your business to grow much faster. It is the geometric growth of franchises that help them multiply their revenue in such a short time. Opening up several franchises at the same time can help you fast-track your marketing campaigns and customer-based development programs.