Appealing Reasons for The Propaganda Behind Techwear Fashion

Clothes cannot be fashionable as well as functional is a notion that has gone all wrong with the introduction of techwear clothing style. Since 2018, technical clothing is not a niche fashion design, but has transformed into a more mainstream fit. The fashion landscape is entering a new era where flexibility, comfort, and excessive flamboyance are prioritized.

Check out the techwear fashion by ATLAS 1 to understand how stylish and functional the shell or pants look. As the garments are minimalist and versatile in nature, you gain lots of space for experimentation. They can complement your existing wardrobe with ease.

Appealing reasons for the publicity behind techwear

Water resistance

Brands designing techwear are constantly using material of specific density to lessen water penetration into the clothes. Techwear garments are majorly used as outerwear, so it needs to repel water from the snow or rain.


In the winter season, the windy days need a special style. Techwear is designed with insulation to keep the body warm in response to windy situation.


Breathable means the capacity of the fabric to absorb moisture and release it, yet allowing the material to breathe as well as offer maximum comfort to the wearer. The concept is to remove the sweat from the skin ASAP.

Durable water repellency

Just like water-resistant material, water repellency techwear does not easily allow water to penetrate because of a special surface coating made to repel liquids. Gore-Tex brand is an example of water-repellent fabric.


Many techwear brands have introduced base layer garments with full comfort and stretch-ability. For example, darting at the inner elbow or other joints allow you to move freely without the feel of pull or concerns about fabric fraying.

Storage capacity

There are plenty of things to carry for daily activities. For example, car keys, wallets, mobile phones, power banks, headphones, and water bottles. With garments designed to carry more things is the necessity of today.

On Atlas 1, you will find designs with zippered pockets, removable modular attachments, and multi-compartment bags that allow people to carry more without concerns of misplacing or getting wet. The online store even hosts sales and discount festivals now and then. Follow Atlas 1 on Twitter to get a peek at the latest addition in their techwear collection.

Why techwear?

Techwear serves a purpose beyond covering your body. It can include water resistance, breathability, heat insulation, or extra accessory storage. It is more than just cozy jackets including pockets and perforated mesh tees. It is a culture, which has evolved aesthetically and numerous brands have captured this style very well.

Technical clothing is popular widely among professionals including construction workers, security forces, and bike messengers. These professionals are unaware of this style’s role of protecting them efficiently at the workplace. The nerdy realm also enjoys techwear for its aesthetics. Some like to imitate the movie characters in cyberpunk and science-fiction films through techwear.

The way people dress and move in society reveals a lot about your personality. Our lives are leaping forward and the fashion industry evolves with highly innovative and viable ideas. Techwear is the most spectacular style you need to trend out with!