Types of Doormats That Are Ideal For Every Area Of Hospitals

Good hygiene is a mandatory requirement for healthcare facilities. A hygienic environment cuts down the risk of infections amongst hospital visitors which can be achieved by using doormats. The importance of doormats is often overlooked. They aren’t just a decorative element. They are functional in several ways.

Uses of doormats in healthcare facilities:

  • Prevent contamination: The risk of infection contamination is high in healthcare facilities. It is the responsibility of the management to provide a safe environment for patients and visitors. Anti-microbial mats contain a sterilizing agent and prevent contamination.
  • Physical safety: Accidental falls are a costly affair for businesses. Install anti-slip mats on slippery surfaces and protect your visitors from trips and falls.
  • Ergonomic comfort: The staffs at medical facilities are always on the run. Mats with anti-fatigue features reduce the strain on their legs and make them feel more comfortable.
  • Floor protection: Hospitals are prone to high foot traffic and over time the floors can get damaged. Instead of having to replace your floors, you can use doormats to protect the floor.

Healthcare facilities require oversized doormats spread across the premises. When it comes to hospitals each area of the facility has different requirements. You’ll have to choose different types of mats accordingly. If you are looking for good-quality mats online in the US, visit Ultimate Mats

They are the go-to choice for doormats since they feature a wide variety of mats including logo matsanti-fatigue mats, scraper mats, etc made of different durable materials. Take the assistance of their customer support team to choose the right doormat type for each area.

Classic brush mats at the entrance of ICU and laboratory:

These areas need to be ultra-clean and entry is restricted to only a few members. Anti-slip brush mats which trap dirt are ideal to be placed on these entrances to keep them clean.

Anti-slip mats at entryway: 

Anti-slip rubber mats or coir mats in the entryway helps visitors scrape off dirt, moisture, and mud from their shoes. It prevents footmarks from being traced across the premises. Many hospital entryways have recessed flooring which gets damaged over time resulting in slippery surfaces. Instead of spending more on floor repairs spread large mats across the entire entrance area.

Customized mats at visitors waiting for area/ Information desk:

These areas are frequented by visitors and you can use this opportunity to boost your brand image using customized doormats affixed with your hospital logo. This also serves as protection against germs and bacteria.

Anti-fatigue mats in kitchen, nurse station, and laundry room:

Look for qualities like stain resistance and moisture resistance. Anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen make sure the staff doesn’t feel tired after standing for hours cooking or tending to other chores.

Water-resistant scraper mats at loading dock:

The loading dock is one of the areas that see maximum foot traffic. Delivery persons don’t remove their boots while unloading the medical supplies. Use a scraper mat that effectively scrapes away dirt and moisture.

Invest in the above mat types and lay them across your hospital premises to keep them hygienic and clean. Purchase high-quality mats for long-term usage.