Teethers And Babies – How Are They Interconnected

You might have noticed that babies put everything in their mouth, after they complete certain months. They like to chew their toys all the time, or prefer chewing something. This is because of the fact that they have reached their teething age.


Teething is the age when the tooth starts to grow from the gums. This normally happens when the baby completes certain months. This is not the same with all babies and the development of the tooth normally varies from one baby to another. If your baby starts to drool, then understand that it has reached the age of teething.

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Many reasons back with the fact that the babies like to put everything in their mouth, including teethers. Some are listed below.

  • When a tooth starts emerging from the root, it causes an itching sensation in that particular area. As a result, babies look for a way to subside this itch and end up chewing anything and everything that they find around them.
  • The constant biting of the teethers help babies to learn about the ways of moving the tongue inside their mouth. It will help the babies to explore every corner of their mouth.
  • As tongue gets to learn more about its surroundings, it will help the baby to make use of their mouth to say some words such as “dadada”, “mamama”, and so on, which are the stepping stones towards the speech.
  • The teething results with making the babies bite anything and everything that they find around them including some things such as their blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, keys, fingers, books, remote, spoon, coaster, etc., and everything else that they find.

Teethers are available in different shapes and sizes. Some are listed below.

Figure 8 Twisty Teether

As the name says, this twister is available in the shape of the number 8. While your baby starts chewing it, your baby will develop the motor skill of the tongue, because of the shape.

Twister Teether Toy

The plastic material used for the manufacturing of this toy is 100% safe for babies. The teether is made with many designs and colours to help the babies to stimulate their tactile and visual senses.

Classic Baby Beads with Teether and Wood Rattle

This is one of the rattles and teether duo that are made for babies to learn biting and chewing the hard objects. The large beads are designed in such a way that they can be easily twisted and turned by the tongue, while chewing, and this will make it possible for the babies to learn how to chew the food lumps from all possible ways.

All products that are available in the baby shops will be lab tested, and hence will not cause any harm on your baby’s teeth or health.