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Is reusable incontinence underwear better than disposable?

Many American adults suffer from incontinence issues. This is a symptom where there is some or total loss of bladder control.

If you too are struggling with such incontinence issues, then you are not alone. Normally, people suffering from bladder leakage feel embarrassed to talk about it, but it is quite common. Current estimates indicate that 1 out of 4 women and also 1 out of 10 men suffer from this issue in their lifetime. It may start as a temporary condition, but without proper treatment, it can become a permanent issue. And, it can occur in any age group, although it’s more common among older adults.

Incontinence has quite a few underlying causes. One should therefore consult with their physician to identify the root cause in order to get proper medical help. If it is addressed at the right time, then incontinence can be treated and also managed effectively.

Nowadays, there is wide variety of mens reusable incontinence underwear available on the market, and people suffering from this issue may rely on these products and maintain their dignity.

Unfortunately, incontinence underwear comes with a certain stigma and people do not want others to know that they are suffering from this condition. Thus, some people try to conceal their problem. They’d rather use women’s sanitary napkins or homemade protection made out of a paper towel or toilet tissue paper.

However, the truth is that you will find mens adult incontinence underwear effective in capturing urine, and preventing staining your clothes and causing you any embarrassment. There are options to fit all types of body types.

Incontinence underwear options

Adult incontinence underwear is designed like a regular undergarment, but has an absorbent pad inside it. The pads are quite thick and large to absorb a good amount of urine, and the pads have a waterproof backing to prevent leakage of urine to clothing. The following are a few options available:

a. Adult Disposable underwear

It resembles normal underwear, and this slip-on can fit snugly like any normal underwear, having an added feature of absorbency protection.

b. Reusable incontinence underwear

These are new types of products. They resemble normal underwear, are made of fabrics rather than paper and plastic materials, and can be washed and reused. Their crotch is made of an absorbent fabric that is designed to absorb moisture, plus they have a waterproof layer to keep urine away from your clothes.

c. Reusable underwear/disposable pad

This adult incontinence underwear is a combination of two products. It includes 1). A washable brief with a pocket which 2). holds a disposable absorbent pad.

You must however remember that disposable products should not be flushed down the toilet, and also, they are not recyclable.

Pros and cons of disposable products:


1.They offer convenience                                                       

These disposable products for mens bladder leakage are ‘use and throw’ type and many people find them convenient for their lifestyle.

2. They can accommodate heavy leakage needs

There are disposable underwear products suitable for heavy needs, while reusables are best for light to moderate needs.


1.You must consider hygienic disposal

You cannot flush them in the toilet and are not good for our environment.

2. They are expensive

As they are use and throw type, they turn out to be quite expensive.

3. Can produce skin rashes

Irritation and skin rashes are quite common because of prolonged use.

Pros and cons of reusable products:


1.Saves your money

Since these are reusable products they can be less expensive than disposables over time.

2. Offers a feel of a normal underwear

They are discreet since they are made of cloth fabrics and are quite similar to your normal underwear, like this mens bladder leakage underwear.

3. Environment friendly

They last longer and hence are less stressful on landfills.


  1. Cannot accommodate heavy leakage needs

These products currently do not have heavy absorbency options, so are not suitable for people with no bladder control or heavy leakage.

Some factors to consider

To choose the best bladder leakage underwear for your unique requirement, you will need to consider several different factors:

  1. Your sex

There are a range of styles and product types within the men’s category as well as the women’s category. Select a product that will best fit your body.

2. Incontinence type

If you have only fecal incontinence or fecal as well as urinary incontinence, then you must choose your products specifically designed to accommodate such issues.

3. Degree of severity

Choose a product based on the severity of your issue. Consider the frequency and amount of fluid you pass each time.

4. Washable or disposable

Depending on your lifestyle, you must choose between the disposable and washable type of incontinence underwear and underpants. Washable ones can be used a number of times, can cost less in the long run and are like normal underwear. While disposable undergarments offer more absorption but are bulkier and do not look like regular underwear.

5. Level of mobility

Pull-up styles are a better choice for people who are mobile and can easily pull them up or down, but for bedridden people open diaper styles are a better choice.

6. Odor control

Most of the disposable incontinence products will have built-in odor control. You can also increase odor control by making use of specially formulated sprays, wipes, and deodorizing products to be used on bedding, underpants, or clothing.

7. Wick-away technology

Many products have wick-away technology to keep moisture away from your skin. However, it’s still important to change frequently enough to avoid prolonged exposure to a wet garment since even the ‘fumes’ of urine can cause skin irritation.