Healing A Helix Piercing Wound – Learn Few Things Here

Helix piercing is actually one of the many types of ear piercing that has become a trend today. The piercing of the ear will be done through the cartilage of the ear, and this factor makes it difficult for the piercing to heal quickly. The minimal time duration required for the healing will be from 3 to 6 months.

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Healing the Wound from a Helix Piercing

It is a known fact that there will be a little bit of pain and even the appearance of the damaged tissues in the region on the body, which has suffered from some external influence. The same goes for the pierce wounds too. Piercing means making a hole through the skin. Such wounds will surely require some extra time and care to heal properly.

  • After you are done with your ear piercing, your ear will surely look red and swollen for some hours. The initial pain that you felt during the piercing might stay for a longer time, based on the piercer and his expertise.
  • It is suggested to ask the piercer whether the needle that he is using for your ear is a new one or not. If it is not a new one, then ask whether it is sterilized properly or not. The unsterilized needles might end up causing keloids on the pierced area, which can be removed only through a surgery.
  • You might have to change the sleeping positions and avoid the positions that might cause stress on your ear. You might have to sit straight, as sleeping to your left or right might become not much comfortable for you.
  • Never try to touch the freshly pierced wound with your fingers. The sensitive skin that is freshly pierced is more prone to bacterial infections. Avoid even touching the earring that is placed in the piercing.
  • Do not apply any makeover items such as lotions, creams and powders to the freshly pierced wound.

Some Precautions to Follow Before Helix Piercing

Instead of suffering from the infections that might occur after the piercing, it is suggested to follow some precautionary measures.

  • Always Choose a Professional Piercer

Only a professional piercer can offer a systematic helix piercing, without any pain or the chances of infections in the future.

  • Gun is a Big NO

Ear piercing guns are known to cause some blunt trauma on the skin tissue. Such traumas might normally end up with a swollen ear or even with a torn tissue.

Do not go with the idea of changing the earrings, once you have made a choice and have worn the rings or studs of your choice in the fresh piercing. Constant changing of the studs might end up causing damage on the tissue, or might even cause infections. Hence, choose the right studs or earrings and stick to it till the wound from the piercing heals completely.