Stop Yourself from Making Common Mistakes while Shopping Online for Eye Glasses

Just like clothes, groceries, and all our daily needed products, we prefer purchasing eyeglasses online. This is mainly because of 2 reasons. One, we don’t need to visit the store and waste our precious time and energy. Secondly, online stores offer greater discounts and offers giving free frames and free deliveries.

You can get cheap eyeglasses online but you must ensure that you do not compromise on quality and the fit of your prescription glasses. An ill-fitted eyeglass is the same as an ill-fitted dress that can only find a place in your wardrobe but not on you.

You can seek professional services like voogueme in the United States to find a premium eye wear made by creative and expert stylist. Enter your measurements correctly and they will shortlist the frames for easy selection.

However, does the frames that we order from online sites fir properly or suit our facial contours. The convenience of online shopping definitely comes at the inconvenience of repeated exchanges if the products do not fit us well or are not of appropriate quality.

Mistakes commonly made while ordering eyeglasses online

  1. Improper frame selection:
  • Virtual superimposition of eyeglass frame over a picture of your face has limitations and may end you up in ordering a wrong size.
  • The correct fit at the nose bridge is important and is a major cause for replacement.
  • This is especially true if your glasses do not have adjustable nose pads.
  • Your lens prescription might not be accurately accommodated with the frame of your choice; this can again result in frequent exchanges.
  1. Wrong lens selection:
  • You might enter the right measurements as mentioned on your prescription, but you might miss the additional features if required.
  • Thickness and material of the lens plays and important part in vision correction and could be easily missed when shopping online.
  • There are different lens features and treatments for specific purpose; these could be easily missed when there is no expert to help you in sorting it out.
  1. Improper lens alignment:
  • When you measure centre of eyes yourself, you are bound to do mistakes as not everyone’s eyes are symmetrically placed.
  • If any measurement if off center and results in improper placement and alignment of the lens, it can create many problems.
  • Some of these problems that you can face are a shift in the image location resulting in straining and fatigue of eye muscles.
  1. Discrepancy in the stated quality:
  • This is most frequent customer complaint that the frame ordered is of inappropriate quality and not as shown on the website.
  • Comprise in frame quality can still be adjusted but any compromise in the quality of lens can cause eye strain and improper vision correction.
  1. Glitch in refund policy:
  • If any of the above factors apply or you simply do not like the glasses you have ordered, we need to carefully screen their refund policy.
  • Online vendors take a lot of time in processing refunds if they do not receive the return product in time.

Do not waste your time in purchasing sensitive products such as eyeglasses online. Try to put in more faith in the expert optometrist to find the best fitting glasses for you.