Creative Costume Ideas for Women When Halloween is around the Corner

Halloween is a dead ringer for candies for children and dress-up parties for the grown ones. For ladies, it is an opportunity to show off their unique ideas that charm everyone at the party. Many times, this builds up pressure in their heads and gives them before-party-jitters.

This article is aimed to get rid of them by providing you with an assortment of ideas that’ll help you make the perfect female Halloween costumes choice.

  • Pumpkin dress

Too lazy to fetch up a fancy costume! Or just want to go for something really simple? Pumpkin dress is your go-to option. All you need is an orange dress or an orange long-shirt/T-shirt, and some black paint and a brush. Draw a scary face in the middle. Wear a green hat for some extra spice!

  • Ghost dress

Don’t really like orange? No problem, we’ve got you. You can go for the ghost dress (no, not the old-school table cloth over your head). Take one of your old white dresses, and old white cloth, two wrist bands, and some black paint.

Draw a large scary face in the centre of the dress, and then stick the middle portion of the cloth to the back of the dress. Tie the two ends of the cloth to the wrist bands.

  • The Mummy Costume

So, you want to take it up a notch higher. Well, get ready for this simple, but unique DIY costume that’ll surely turn heads at the party. All you need is a good supply of white bandages (and I mean a good lot!).

If you don’t, it is okay. Get a roll of toilet paper, an old shirt, and trousers. Stick the toilet paper over your shirt and then trousers, covering them completely. Wear a bandage over your head for extra effect.

  • The Thriller Costume

Are you a big fan of MJ and want to rock his iconic look? The Thriller Costume is an easy solution. All you need is a red jacket, black hat, and black jeans. Don’t forget the iconic white glove! Prepare some of his moves to complete the look.

  • Angel of Darkness

Who knew looking scary can be this easy? And if you are a sucker for black clothes, this costume is for you. All you need is a long black dress, black heels, and two black scarfs. Glue or pin the scarfs along the arms of your dress to give the costume a wavy wing-like look. Remember to use black lipstick and dark eyeliner to nail the character.

  • Bloody Mary

Ah, how could we forget the iconic, legendary ghost, who used to scare the shit out of us as kids. Get some red ink and pour a bottle of it in water. Use the solution to provide the ‘bloody’ look. Pour a lot of it on an old white dress. Rock a greyish wig to complete the look.

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With these simple yet trendy costumes, you can easily rock the upcoming Halloween festival.