Do You Know How Incredible Is Platinum Saber-tooth Bong?

Have you ever heard about Saber-tooth bong? Nowadays, it has gained lots of reputation as largest wholesale distributors for various glass-made smoke-ware products particularly in the USA. You can find many of their offices all across the nation. Now it has also introduced ranges of accessories meant for dabbing and also marijuana smoking.

However, Saber-tooth glass never sells to their retail customers directly. Mainly they focus on wholesalers like Express Smoke Shop where you can also get bongs for sale. Therefore, if you have to buy a Saber-tooth product then you should contact such a third-party site.

This company was established about 20 years ago, and was initially known as Elevation Glass. In the year 2013, its name was changed as Saber-tooth Glass. Actually it was their first step to grow up as a supplier of major glass and other smoking accessories.

What is platinum Saber-tooth bong?

Platinum Saber-tooth bong usually is a beaker bong of 12” size. It is made of sturdy and thick glass, so it does not break easily. You will find a bong of sleek design and a gorgeous B&W color scheme. Some of you may ask why it has a high price-tag as compared to many other similar bongs. Actually, it is because 2 Saber-tooth logos will include real platinum.

Soon you will find that Saber-tooth is available in perfect size. It can always be picked up very comfortably at the intersection between tube and its base. Also, its tube is also perfectly straight, and can form a very solid base. Also, the bowl of platinum Saber-tooth looks quite elegant. It also resembles diamond corks on fancy bottles that you can see in many executive’s offices.

You also have got a choice to buy an attachment, which will change the bong’s angle. Actually the attachment will allow you to take a few bong dabs. Most of the experienced users usually are not too fond of bong dabs. As more water is present in the bong, you will end up consuming less THC.

Final thoughts about platinum Saber-tooth bong

As a whole, platinum Saber-tooth bongs are an excellent choice however, one thing it generally lacks is tree percolator. Your bong having a tree percolator will offer you a smoke texture of dab rig and will also bring out the actual flavor of anything that you will smoke.

However, in this platinum Saber-tooth bong, absence of a tree percolator in fact works in favor of this bong. It will offer you an authentic feel of bong with lots of bubbles as well as thick smoke, which you can also feel in the lungs too.

If you ever buy the platinum Saber-tooth bong, then it is highly possible that it will turn into your most favorite bong and you would like to use it almost daily. There will be no need for any big setup, irrespective of whether you like flowers or a concentrate hit.

It will allow for getting potent and smooth hits and will be the right size to carry with you, and also easy to store. You must regularly clean this bong to get most out of the bong.