Know How To Decorate Your Room Space With A Chandelier

Chandeliers are decorative fixtures that are used to enhance the ambience of any interior space. It’s like a piece of jewelry that adds the glamourous touch to any space. However, there are some factors you should consider while choosing your chandelier. The right fixtures can make a big difference to your room space.

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If the chandelier is the primary light source, then you can choose stronger bulbs to lighten up the whole are. You can also support single source with added wall lighting. Instead of using it as a primary light source, it would be best if used as supplementary source of light. On the other hand, choose dim, warming lights for a pleasant, relaxing light.

A perfect chandelier should complement the room décor. In most cases, traditional crystal chandeliers that come in many variants can be the best choice for any type of space.

If you don’t like traditional brass finish there is black finish crystal pendant chandelier that gives the touch of modern edge to the traditional ones. If you are looking for modern lightings, opt for nickel and chrome finish.

Positioning Chandelier

Positioning the chandelier is an important thing to enhance the interior aesthetics. It depends on two factors: the hanging height and where you are hanging it. You need to make sure that chandelier doesn’t affect the traffic through your home. Then again, if you hang it too high, you may not get the light from it.

Here are some recommendations that help positioning your chandelier.

If you want to decorate your dining room with a chandelier, hang it above the dining table. If you are hanging it in the middle, it may be confusing and not attractive. Make sure chandelier hangs just above thirty to thirty six inches above the table. Leave a 4’ space from the walls and choose a fixture that is 12 inches narrower than your dining table.

If you are planning to use chandeliers above your kitchen island, mount it to the center of the island. Sometimes hanging two or three light sources will be better to one light source especially if you have a larger space to illuminate. However, then, leave a 30” space in between two lights.

When you want to hang a chandelier either in your bedroom or living room, place it in the middle of the room. Always leave seven feet clearance, so that no one bumps their head. You can also mount the chandelier above the bed. Mini chandeliers will make a statement when hung above nightstand.

Change your bathroom space into a luxurious space by adding a crystal chandelier and your guests will be greatly impressed by your decoration. Make sure there is at least eight feet height from the tub and three feet space from the shower. Bathrooms are moisture-rich environment and hence, make sure you choose chandelier that are safe for this environment.